Jackie Gleason Musical Discography

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In 1952 Gleason actively pursued record companies in an attempt to market a type of mood music he had dreamed of for years. None was interested until the following year when Capitol Records agreed to record his first album, Music for Lovers Only. The sound was haunting and elegant, romantic, lonely, and lush. Years earlier, in Hollywood while on the set of Orchestra Wives, he met Bobby Hackett. “Some day we’ll work together, pal,” he told him. The wail of Bobby’s trumpet was not easily forgotten and Gleason wanted him and “a hundred violins” for his albums. The violins diminished to 27 but Bobby Hackett remained the sole king of the coronet.

Music for Lovers Only (1953)
Music Martinis and Memories (1954)
Lovers Rhapsody (1955) Music composed by Jackie Gleason
Music to Make You Misty (1955)
Tawny (1955) Music composed by Jackie Gleason
And Away We Go (1955)
Romantic Jazz (1955)
Music to Remember Her (1955)
Lonesome Echo (1955)
Music to Change Her Mind (1956)
Night Winds (1956)
Merry Christmas (1956)
Music for the Love Hours (1957)
Velvet Brass (1957)
Oooo! (1957)
The Torch with the Blue Flame (1958)
Riff Jazz (1958)
Rebound (1959)
That Moment (1959)
Aphrodesia (1960)
Opiate D’Amour (1961)
Lazy Lively Love (1961)
The Gentle Touch (1961)
A Lover’s Portfolio (1962)
Love, Embers and Flame (1962)
Champagne, Candlelight and Kisses (1963)
Movie Themes for Lovers Only (1963)
Today’s Romantic Hits for Lovers Only (1963)
Today’s Romantic Hits for Lovers Only, Vol.II (1964)
Last Dance for Lovers Only (1964)
Silk ‘n’ Brass (1965)
Music from Around the World for Lovers Only (1966)
How Sweet It Is for Lovers (1966)
A Taste of Brass for Lovers Only (1967)
‘Tis the Season (1967)
The Best of Jackie Gleason (1968)
Doublin’ in Brass (1968)
The Best of Jackie Gleason, Vo.II (1969)
The Now Sound (1969)
Romeo and Juliet (1970)
Words of Love (1971)
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